3 in 1 Sports Set


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3 in 1 Sports Set
I need instructions to set my Timex 1440 Sports Watch?

I have a Timex 1440 Sports Digital Watch and lost instructions on how to adjust time, date, turn off the bell, alarm, etc. It has four buttons, from left to right, top to bottom: 1) Establish, 2) Start / Stop, 3) mode, and 4) Indiglo. Could someone tell me how to go off and the alarm bell? What about setting the time? Any help would be appreciated. I looked Timex.com and had no instructions from my watch in particular.

Hello! I have the same clock, and is complicated. Here goes: 1. With time and date displays, press the button on the top left. 2.Press the upper right (the second sets) 3.Push the bottom left button. This flashes the time, press the button right up until the correct time (no symbol of AM, PM show if) hours. 4.Press the bottom left, minutes flash. Click the button above right until the correct minute. 5.Tap button below left, flashes month. Press the right button til correct. 6. Press the bottom left, flashes date. Press the right button til correct. 7. Press the bottom left, flashes a day. Press the top button til right correctly. 8. Click the left responsible flashes time format (can be set to 24 hours). If correct, that's it. Top Click the left button if it's done (you can click on any step if you're finished). To deactivate the alarm bell and press the top right button repeatedly until the bell or the symbol of CH is gone, then press the upper left. Repeat for the alarm, but to see the bell icon ALM or ALARM or disappear, then press the button on the top left. I hope this makes sense to you.

The Winter Olympics 2010 in Vancouver, Canada is just around the corner. For those who have not been privy to all winter sports since the last Olympics, here is a list of ten (in no particular order) of possible points. Just remember, not just sports that make worth watching the Olympics!

1. The opening ceremonies

No matter who you are, or where the Games Olympic, deep in your heart you know that there is nothing more exciting than the opening ceremony. China's summer show set the bar very high for Canada, but you can bet his skin again going to put your all into it.

2. Women's field hockey

1998 saw the debut of women's field hockey in the Olympics. Since then, there has been much enthusiasm about it in the U.S.. But this year, Team USA is a favorite for gold. Canada has dominated this season, but coach Mark Johnson has high hopes for his team. To do for the Olympic hockey gold women what they did for women's football? It is doubtful that there will a moment "Brandy Chastain" with all that gear, but maybe people will realize there anyway.

3. Biathlon

Very popular in Europe but largely ignored in the U.S., biathletes have struggled to get financing and training until this year. When the sport was finally observed by a collaborator prosperous money was finally available to make things up. The big star for the U.S. will be Tim Burke, who won two silver medals and bronze in the World Cup in Ostersund. This could be a great start for sport under appreciated.

4. Stephen Colbert

When Deutsche Bank collapsed and its promise of $ 300,000 for the U.S. speed skating the team went with him, Colbert came to the plate. It took less than one month to the "Colbert Nation" to replace the funds. There is sure to be a lot of Colbert's scathing satire surrounding the games. Like him or not, the comedian has the force to public make things happen.

5. The U.S. team-1 four-man sled

Steve Holcomb has been directing the "Night Train" with peers Justin Olsen, Steve Mesler and Curt Tomasevicz with stunning results. Three gold medals in events of the World Cup season gets on top of his game. Even more surprising Holcomb considering about quitting because of problems with the eyes bobsleigh. Surgery in 2008 restored his vision and renewed his love for the sport.

6. Skier / snowboarder antics

Although Bode Miller recently sprained ankle, it could still make the games. And you can be sure he and the other downhill skiers will be as crazy as ever. Add in the new addition of skicross inspired extreme sports to the mix and you have a recipe for a speed of madness induced adrenaline rush that only children who frequent the track can produce. If only we could all be there for the party later.

7. Apolo Ohno and Shani Davis

On December 11, Davis broke his own world record in the 1500m in 1:41.04 ahead, surpassing its previous record of 1:41.80. In the long track, Davis is practical for the man to beat. Ohno, who at 27 is the state of short track, competing in his third Olympics 2010. It will be pushing to break the record of Eric Heiden won seven medals at the Winter Olympics. But you'd better watch out, is a Celski JR Young man moving through the ranks, and one of the few who could give Ohno to run for his money.

8. Kim Yu-Na

The figure skater from Korea South is the undisputed favorite for gold in 2010. Your signature triple-triple exhibits an intense athleticism, along with a grace that takes the audience on their feet. At Skate America in Lake Placid, New York broke the scoring record for the short program, earning a 76.28. While the Olympics brings out the patriot in most of us, sometimes you just need to sit and appreciate poetry in motion.

9. Ice Dancing

The possibilities are open for ice dance this year. While the U.S. Mature Meryl Davis and Charlie White won gold at Grand Prix Final, was in no way puts them above the rest of the competitors. Two favored teams lost this season so it is difficult to judge who will come to head in 2010. Everyone is sure that everyone bring their in Vancouver. It will be exciting to see strong competition between couples.

10. Skeleton

After 54 years of absence, the skeleton returned to the Winter Olympics in 2002, and included both men and women. Appointed by the new metal sled used in 1892 looked like a skeleton, it is difficult to deny the emotion caused by people falling headlong down a path of 80 miles per hour. Look for the return of Noelle Pikus-Pace, U.S. women first to win the World Cup in 2005. He has returned to take the seasons for 2007-2008 were to have a child, but emerges as a major threat in Vancouver.

Canada is putting its best foot forward to make this a great winter Olympics. Take time to see a variety of sports. You never know, you could become the latest curling fan, or know I really enjoy moguls below. Shelter, take punch, and enjoy the best athletes in the world has to offer in winter sports.

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