Angel Paintball


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Angel Paintball
No Angel Paintball Guns use high-pressure cylinders or low?

I have a speed of 05 Angel and my tank just left. I'm thinking of getting crossfire tank, but it is $ 150 - $ 180, I want to ensure that no wrong!

It was not just a series of angels (or an angel, I'm not sure) that is required due to online LP regulator can only handle up to 400-450 psi or something. However, 05 Speed & Angels later should be able to use HP or LP, as the rules have higher pressure ratings. My only concern is with LP tanks some of the cheapest rates are recharge of the poor, which can lead to shoot down (where the low speed when the shutter speed). But Crossfires have one of the best recharge rates so that not be a problem.

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