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Anyone have bad experiences with them? which are the "first" markers made by Crayola for babies 18 months and up ... which are a kind of Weebles and a felt tip. the shape of animals .. I have a set of 3 for my daughter and in a minute he had throughout his marker because the ink almost out! and also has a little thing like a tadoodles is Aquadoodle and after the first time I got wet was basically totally disordered. which became in what felt like wet cardboard. since it was made by Crayola i thought these would be decent products. Anyone else?

OMIGOSH. Is that you? Me just email them Crayola last Friday - I was beyond ticked. Not only is the green frog a totally stupid design (eyes up until you have to make sure the tadoodle is straight up to get the same frog fishing at all), but my children were imbued with the score. Him Crayola told it was like drawing with liquid. The paper was wet, his clothes soaked sleeves, his hands were a mess, table, wall, etc ... total chaos. The met Tadoodles trash the first day he came home. Anyway, I just received a coupon for $ 6 in the mail today Crayola ... a refund, I suppose to buy them, and that was $ 6. Tadoodles never touch again.

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