Belly Button Ring


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Belly Button Ring

Navel Piercing is a specialized type of body piercing, which usually takes a long time to heal. Piercing is one of the most popular for women. The actual navel is not crossed when this type of drilling is carried out, the drilling is actually made up the top of the navel. In order to have a pierced navel correctly should have a navel with properly defined outer edge. The process is very simple as the driller must be an expert with the needle. The process usually involves drilling scoring points, after piercing her navel and down.

Women generally prefer to use different kinds of jewelry in this type of drilling. The most popular type of jewelry be a simple curved bar, but today jewelry navel piercing has come a long way from the simple drawings in the form of the various banana navel fashion. Today, dangling navel rings are very popular among women, these are often peppered with different stones to make them unequal. Most of this new generation of dangling navel rings are easy to use on the market now.

Online stores usually carry a large collection of these button rings hanging from the belly, a very good price. This type of jewelry is not expensive or has no negative effect on your piercing, because most are made of metal commonly known as nonallergic. These are often very heavy as they may seem because of the design developed. Such dangling navel rings have become a statement fashion and can often be priced as high as $ 2000 for this original ring studded with Swarovski crystals.

All of us can not afford such a high price dangling belly button rings and for us, maybe some other copying of cosmetics would be much better. Most online stores to be very careful in creating the most elegant, imposing and the most striking piece of jewelry ever. However, these are available only in the fraction of the price a mark. Particularly, with prices not mean they are a cheaper option, as this type of jewelry can create health problems if not properly manufactured most companies to do everything possible to provide the customer the best quality product.

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In fact, anyone who body jewelry is used by the body and wherever you put it on your body definitely make a strong statement. This is the reason why more and more stores body jewelry stores are getting their products on display to encourage people to use body jewelry in many different ways.

Now the next question that comes to our mind is how can we keep them free of wax, liquid, etc. It is very simple mucous, but needs some regularity on his part. To keep out of national of mucous and fluid, you have to clean the fluid that collects in the right ear after a shower, with a hearing friend. You also have to be careful that do not blow your nose too hard.

Body piercing is also becoming popular with men and women. We are not talking only of the members with gang tattoos and body piercings. In this generation is very common for young adults, as well as in their careers to have holes in the body. Common locations for these are the genital areas, nipples, tongue, eyebrows, lips and nose.

The most common piercings are the following:

Ear piercings:

- Lobe
- Trago (the round part closest to the face)
The outer rim (RIM)
-Concha (surface internal)
Industrial (cross bar inside the ear, pierced by two pieces of cartilage)


- Window nose
- Septum (cartilage in the middle)

Nose piercing is very popular among girls to marry. Asian brides always wear a ring of the large nose at their weddings. For the nose and nostrils are used mostly rings. The rings are usually silver, gold, titanium and other metals. Titanium is hypoallergenic and least expensive is the preferred metal for body jewelry.

This is typically a milky white color and was created because an object is in the body, This is normal. Care must be taken if it becomes yellow or pierced area becomes red, you should consult a physician immediately. Not be under the impression that cheap body jewelry.

Again, that should be tended and cleaned correctly though, as infections can spread quickly in this way. So the next time you're in the mall and see a group of girls walking ring for the navel, think twice before judging. Consider why does not like the eyebrow ring in the child who is taking the side of your order. Think twice when judging others because, as a judge, they may try to be back soon!

Some of your daily or recreational activities may have to be changed. For example, you want to avoid swimming in a pool or the sea because it has an open wound. Salt and chemicals could enter the piercing and cause infection. Make sure you never touch your piercing without washing their hands before and after. Also avoid the use of clothing or other objects that may rub or tug on the piercing and cause irritation.

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Body Piercing Tips : Removing a Belly Button Ring

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