Bob Mackie Holiday Barbie


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Bob Mackie Holiday Barbie

There are some toys that have acquired a status of cultural icon. Barbie the fashion model doll has accomplished this feat. You will find that each year introduces a Barbie doll for different audiences and is a great hit with children and collectors. One of the more interesting Barbie dolls that come to is that of Barbie vacation. This particular Barbie doll is designed to commorate each year.

Unlike the other Barbie dolls this one is dressed in fabulous clothes. Some of the dresses are adorned with faux fur, gold embroidery, beautiful lace and other decorations to the dresses. The clothes are worn by several of the many different kind of holiday Barbie dolls are designed by famous designers like Bob Mackie, Yves Saint Laurent, Valantino, Oscar de la Renta, and Perry Ellis.

The series of holiday Barbie dolls becomes harvest in 1988. This series of doll is also sought after by collectors. This is not just designer clothes or the beauty of the dolls, but also due to the fact that Barbie dolls are produced these holiday once a year. There's also the fact that you find A limited number of these dolls are sold.

In fact, the number of Holiday Barbie dolls are produced each year, the number of about 300,000. This small number of dolls - small as compared to the large amount of current Barbie dolls - is the main reason that collectors rush to buy holiday season Barbie doll. When this series of dolls was the first time would never be a collector's item.

Like most product line Barbie Holiday Barbie became a success overnight. In each of these dolls look of the doll is very festive. The colors and materials used are an indication of the care that is lavished on the construction of these dolls clothing. There are a few of holiday Barbie dolls which need some support for the doll to stand for viewing.

As the game through the various websites of the years Barbie dolls past holiday you will probably find that you can hang the ornament. There was a very special Barbie doll that was produced. This doll is resembles a Victorian-style dress Barbie doll. While these are very special Barbie dolls that are priced at high prices. This means you can look forward the purchase of a special holiday Barbie for your collection this year, but remember to hurry.

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