Bratz Doll


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Bratz Doll

My cousin and I were talking about the rich one day. She just finished reading the latest issue of Forbes magazine 500 and started talking about lifestyles of the rich.
"I can not think Bill Gates is no longer in the first place. He has been number one for years." "Yeah. He donates most of his money to charity that is why, but some 50 billion U.S. dollars is still a large amount "." Imagine if you have that kind of quantity. What would you? "" Well, I would build a beautiful house, but unpretentious. It is difficult to live in luxury. I would be a favorite target of offenders. I invest mostly in mutual funds, stocks and real estate. But since I'm a techie, most of my furniture in the house would be high end and high technology. " Aw. That's boring. If you have that amount of money, I buy a yacht, a small plane and a fleet of cars "." Ok. I think I'll fall into a luxury car. "She looks at me in disbelief." Ok. Cars. I think I will buy for myself a Jaguar XKR, Audi TT and an SUV Lexus. "

"But I suppose these will all just be a dream cuz." "I could never be so filthy rich. All eventually as an employee of a company. " Hey. If you will be employed, at least we are rich employees. You know what the industry pays lots of money? Advertise! "" Haha really? "" Yes. Why do not you and I try to be advertisers? "" I can do that. I can convince anyone to buy anything, " boasted. "So what's the deal with the sale of this keyboard?" "Hmm. Buy this keyboard is now more ergonomic keyboard designed in the world! "" That's cuz lame. "" What about convincing people to play games of Bratz? "Bratz games? OK. Would you like to have countless hours of fun? Want to experience the sensory joy? Bratz games then! These games are designed by the best designer in flash games business. With the Bratz dolls, in their characters, Bratz games will surely provide the best gaming experience that truly deserves. What are you waiting for? Bratz games now play for the discerning player in you! "" So how can I do? "" Ja, ja. That's not so bad cuz. The way to promote the games, you do sound like it is as sophisticated as Halo 3 or as immersive as World of Warcraft. " Of course. I told you I'm good at this. It could even convince the Eskimos to buy refrigerators for your igloo! "" Braggart! Haha But with persuasive skills, I am sure it will be included in Fortune 500 at any time. If you are already super rich, do not forget to buy a Ferrari California Ok? "Haha. Insurance. What is a Ferrari California billionaire like me? "I gave a yawn boring false." Vamos. We will try to play the game they so jealously advertising. "

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"Their difference is their strength and their strength is their gift to the world."

My daughter Azalea, an elementary school, is very sweet and a shining example of the values in its exercise: the equation of air, 3-part formula which states that Happiness = Acceptance + Inspiration + Respect. Born and raised in a neighborhood filled with former Contras and Type-A athletes, I have trouble sometimes in what is the mix of sweetness to it.

My wife says our daughter has a loving softness to her. "Too love, "some say that many fans do not know of Eva and undo his grudging embrace of their necks." See to it. She is too friendly with foreigners. " She accepts and makes friends with everyone: white, black, popular, misfits, bullies, bullying, high, low, girls, boys, geeks, the meek. Azalea, as your aloe plant that flowers in dry soil, to spread happiness in the most sterile. This is why what he does next is so horrible.

It's Sunday. I read a newspaper on recliner love seat while she plays in the living room floor. I relive childhood through my children every day. Coincidences me as I hear of her dolls and act like an adult who plays as a parent, teacher, or cashier.

As a spy undercover Peel the paper back head so that my eye is the first thing to relieve the eye. Her wrists sit in rows in a fictional classroom with desks invisible and a wooden panel, slate, that is our living room wall. Barbie teaches the class. Soon, Azalea puts Volkswagen buses to school toys, dolls and instructed where to sit. Probably not realize they are letting the prettiest the first.

My ads cartoonist immediately east side, how the characters become more beautiful, giving A nose very small (or no) as the Bratz doll in the front seat and Hello Kitty peering through the side window. Her favorite doll, a teddy bear, towers above all - even on the bus. Returning to the Real Estate section.

I heard growling like a child pushing a tight Tinkertoy instead. I smile at his determination in budding and relax in a photo travel article.

Azalea becomes growling grunts. Suddenly, I hear hit the ground with such ferocity that I can feel the vibrations in the seat of love. I check on it. She is clearly unhappy, the body of beating his favorite teddy bear!

I dash for it. "Why beat him?"

"He does not want to play with me. I want to travel with us, but not obey. He did not get all the way inside. "

"He's too tall to fit"

Without warning, she throws herself to the bear. She grunts and fabrics in the Classical language it-out-of-the-straight face that you see on the scene images of working children, but rarely seen in the real life. It's in the thigh-high and seems determined to go further. She Pries bear and marches him to the kitchen garbage can.

I run to beat her there. "The can not help their size. She gave him a beating for it. Who really wants to play with you. "I imagine that at an angle from the equation of air." Hey, you know How dad lost and uses your GPS system in the car?

She nods and wipes away a tear with the red face.

The point I on the roof. "It speaks of a large satellite in the sky you can see where I'm headed and I say the best way to get where they need to go. Well, your teddy bear can do the same for you and your friends. He put on the roof where you can be at his best, able to see what others can not save you all not to miss.

The red lines drainage of the face, smiling as if his mouth is opening an outlet. Take the bear in his chest, giving her patented hug around the neck.

I read the section of the magazine now. Azalea drives her dolls at home. His teddy bear sits as a guru in the ceiling. She asks how to get to some Instead, because she has never walked this road before, and is responsible for it.

Another happy ending

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Bratz Dolls May Give Girls Unrealistic Expectations Of Head Size

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