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Castle Pounder

While visiting Scotland's capital is a milestone that all the tourists that make their way and is one that dominates the city skyline - Edinburgh Castle.

The Scots are very proud of the castle and rightly, too. Work began on the castle in 1130 by David I, who ordered the construction of the Chapel of St. Margaret, which was named after his mother. This chapel still stands today and is the oldest building in town.

Another important feature was the Tower of David, who was named after David II, after he ordered the reconstruction of the castle. English cannon fire during a siege in 1573 destroyed the tower, but the ruins are still visible, but off the crescent of the battery - the replacement of a tower full of guns that was built in 1588.

For much of its history, the castle changed hands between the Scots and English, and most of the time it was under siege. The last attack was in 1745, when Bonnie Prince Charlie failed to capture the castle during the Jacobite uprising.

History obviously plays an important role in this attraction and some of the traditions old is kept alive until today. Six days a week - Sundays are excluded - to 25-gun pounds is fired from the top of a castle. This tradition began in 1861 to help sailors around the lake waters.

Another current show to this day the Military Tattoo is held annually in August. The tattoo includes a military band marching regiment and a fireworks display. The regimental band and March from the castle, along the Royal Mile to Holyrood Palace and this is seen by some 200,000 people who decorate the streets of every year as well as those who watch on television worldwide.

The possessions prized in the castle are the Honors of Scotland, and these are held in the Crown Room. These elements - the Crown of Scotland, the scepter, the sword of state and the Stone of Scone -- are linked to the Scottish nationality and have been buried twice (the first in the 17th century to avoid being captured by Oliver Cromwell and again in the 1940s in the case of the Nazis invaded) to ensure their conservation. Since 1953 they have been on permanent display.

The castle also played a role in the Second World War as a prisoner of war camp. They say that prisoners of war in Scotland, back in Edinburgh flights, all went to Edinburgh Castle to make a sign of solidarity against the enemy.

The castle has a lot of history to show and tell and as one of the Edinburgh's main attractions, the tourism agency has put much effort into making an interesting day for all. With spending so much on show that may be worth one days integer in the castle, and even then you may find that they have not had time to fully take in everything there is to see.

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