Clone Trooper #41


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Clone Trooper #41

Jango Fett was born into a farming family in the area of Concord Dawn, a planet long associated with the heavily armored super-soldiers known as the Mandalorians. Jango's father served as an official Protector, a title held by a civilian on Concord Dawn, after she took office the previous Mereel Protector Jaster was exiled. Jango had an older sister named giant Arla.

In 41 BBY, Jango somehow lost their weapons in the Meridian Sector. While searching, met Jango a woman named Sheek Tull. She helped him find his armor, and began a relationship. On 2 a year together, which ended when his ship was attacked by pirates. Each entered the escape pods were separated and never again.

Fett led the Mandalorians for the remainder of the war until the disastrous Battle of Death Watch Galidraan where led into a trap. Galidraan Governor had secretly been hiding Supervision death in their world. He also faced an insurrection by some of its settlers, so he hired the True Mandalorians, by Jango Fett to eliminate the rebels, which they did. [**] With the advice of the Leader Supervision of Death, Vizsla, the Governor also said the Jedi Council that a group of activists slaughtering'political Mandalorians. a group of Jedi were sent the planet to deal with the Mandalorians, controlled by the Jedi Master Dooku and his Padawan Komari Vosa. In battle, the true Mandalorians on the planet were wiped out. Jango, the only survivor, was angry and showed his extraordinary physical ability to kill many Jedi attacks with his own hands in the end, before to surrender.

Fett eventually escaped slavery, and monitoring of Supervision Death to Corellia. There, who avenged the death of Mereel Jaster, killing Vizsla (with the help of a family of cats seriously) and a bunch of his supporters.

Shortly after the invasion of Naboo, Jango was approached by a person named Tyranus, who offered a reward for former Jedi apprentice, Komari Vosa, who was now the deranged leader of a crime syndicate known as the Bando Gora. Jango Montross had to compete with the traitor who earlier Mandalorian Tyranus had also contacted the generosity.

To obtain a audience with Jabba, Jango fought a band of outlaws led by Longo Two-Guns, which had a price on his head, which was published by the Hutt. When Jango Jabba came to collect his award, he asked the slimy crime lord on the Bando Gora. [**] Was essentially Jabba had zip to do with Vosa or Murder.

Having captured Jango, the Bando Gora willing to make a slave senseless. It was here that bought most of Jango his facial scars. Vosa it came to demand of him the name of your employer, but Jango Wesell Zam released before being wounded by the mad Dark Jedi. After a controversial duel with Vosa, Jango Fett came out smiling. As he prepared to close its shutdown, Vosa asked if the option to leave dead or alive. Jango, looking at the woman in ruins point his death, lowered their weapons. Vosa murmured'He are here. "Then choked on the force to its last breath.

Jango did not quite retiring from his career, but had fewer jobs and spent more time on Kamino, where he raised Boba in the Mandalorian ways while helping the development Kaminoans training programs for soldiers clone. To help in this endeavor, he recruited a hundred sergeants coaching, seventy-five of whom were Mandalorians, to help the task. These men are known as the Cuy'val Dar'Those that no longer exist. "

Shortly before the Clone Wars, Asha Khordad Jango employees to recover the statue called the child of Shaa. Khordad expected to use the power of the child for the Coruscant break next conflict. Fett success in achieving the statue, but was persuaded by his rivals and the last Zam Wesell to return to steal the statue of Khordad to save the galactic capital. A last-minute effort saved by Fett and WeSell the baby, to unleash his power in a central power nucleus Coruscant. Yarael Jedi Master Poof sacrificed himself to hold the statue of the fracture and prevent the annihilation Coruscant, and Fett found the statue Seylott, the planet where the child is created, for safekeeping.

In the cloning process, Fett became instantly one of the bodyguards of Tyranus. Had he not already known, Fett, probably by now realized that Dooku (the Jedi Master who led Galidraan the attack) and Tyranus were the same person. This information will seriously help your child later.

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