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What are the best lvl dropers displacement 2 track?

(and i dont work guards have killed more than 150 guards droped a roll of track) And tryed jellies they suck!

150 guards and rolls no idea 0o? Try Jellies, which arent as level 3 or 2 rolls?

Are you a member who is looking for something to do? Why not try a pair Runescape treasure trails? Very fun and very rewarding. Even with only a level of a treasure trail, so you can still get something like Black Gold Armor set. I am sure that your question of how to start a treasure hunt. First, you should get a clue scroll. You can get these from killing monsters around Runescape, the highest level of scroll track the best you can get. Now it will show A list of monsters that can fight and level of displacement which tracks falling.

Level one is moving track: Men, Women, Goblin (both Tier 2 and 5.) Magar, Farmer Al-Kharid Warrior, Barbarian, Thug, Rock Crab, Icefiend, rogue, thief, HAM members, HAM Guard, Banshees, Cave Slime, Morytania werewolves in human form, the Minotaur, afflicted, Dagannoth Spawn, and citizens Rellekka (Borrakar, Freid, Freygerd, Inga, Jennella, Lens and Lanzig.)

Level two clue scrolls: Guard, a member of the tribe, human Bandit Camp, Cockatrice, Abyssal Leech, Pyrefiend Harpie Bug Swarm, Black of the Guard, Rellekka Warriors, guards on the market, JOGR, Ice Warrior, Abyssal Guardian, Paladin, Catablepon, Jungle Horror, Vampire, Dagannoth, Giant Skeleton, Abyssal Walker Wallasalki, Mom, Giant Rock Crab, and Giant Sea Serpent.

Level three clue scrolls: Cyclops, Green Dragon, Cave Horror, Ankou, Greater Demon, Elf Warrior, Tyras Guard, Suqah, Blue Dragon, Hellhound, Gorak, red dragon, Brutal Green Dragon, Black Dragon, Bronze Dragon, Iron Dragon, Steel Dragon, Dagannoth Kings (Prime, Rex & Supreme) and Mithril Dragons.

You can also get clue scrolls from pick pocketing HAM members Shadow or sideboards.

Now I'm sure you're wondering what rewards you can get rolls of track. Well, let me name of that now.

Level One Rewards:
"Cane Black, black studs, black bow, black nails, and oak planks
»More Amulet of Magic (t) (same bonuses as normal version)
Berets' (black, blue or white)
"Black Armor set
"Black Gold Armor set
»Black Heralded Shields (H1 through H5)
»Black Heralded Helmets (H1 through H5)
"Adjusted Blue Team Assistant
"Blue gold set Team Assistant
»Bob The Cat Shirts (5-color Logo)
»Blue Elegant Costumes (Male and Female)
»Green Elegant Costumes (Male and Female)
»Red Elegant Costumes (Male and Female)
"Emote Enhancers (amending certain emotes while using)
»Fire Lighters (5 colors)
"Prayer Book Pages (Saradomin, Guthix, and Zamorak)
"Highwayman Mask
"Adjusted Leather Armor (Body and Chaps)
»Gold adjusted Leather Armor (Body and Chaps)
»Purple Sweets (restorative energy boost HP Small stackable)
»Willow Composite Bow
"Saradomin Garments
"Guthix Vestments
"Zamorak Vestments

Some tips for Runescape Treasure Trails:

"The ring of wealth is increase the chances of NOT posting a drop track.
"You can trade your God, and cut the truss members F2P.
"If you have an idea of displacement, can not get another unless you finish or a drop.
"You should talk to the teacher in the house that is north of the Observatory before ordering the sextant Murphy and Brother Kojo for the clock.

As I said earlier, the Runescape treasure trails can be fun and rewarding. Not to mention exciting. When you receive your first clue scroll, you'll feel like you're on top of the world, and most likely ran to fetch his treasure. We hope you can learn much more about Runescape and Runescape enjoy your game much! offer superior runescape gold ,runescape items and Runescape powerlveling service.You can come and have a look!Thank you!

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