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Collectible Barbie Doll

Nursing the Desire to Collect Vintage Barbie Dolls

It’s not everyone who will have a love for Barbie dolls much less have a desire to collect vintage Barbie dolls. Most of the people who collect vintage Barbie dolls are the same women who played with these dolls when they were young, and collectors of such things as dolls.

To the not inconsiderable surprise of many people, vintage Barbie dolls are a huge collector’s item and can fetch a large sum of money in many cases for a well preserved doll. This was well delineated in the recent September 2006 auction of vintage Barbie dolls by a Dutch mother and daughter who had in their collection about 4,000 dolls.

These beautiful vintage Barbie dolls sometimes can start life out as being seasonal gifts or the introduction to a brand new line of dolls. The main items that will separate these Barbie dolls out from the rest of the pack are the looks these dolls have. The modern Barbie doll is dressed in sleek and trendy clothes that you will see on your teenage daughter. Her eyes will have a forward look that is somewhat rounded.

The vintage Barbie dolls on the other hand have an elongated eye shape. This shape is reminiscent of how women in the 40s to 60s period highlighted their eyes. The entire look which you will find in these Barbie dolls portrays a look of an elegant woman. The clothes that you will find being worn by these vintage Barbie dolls is also designed to mimic the clothes which women in those times wore.

You can find these vintage Barbie dolls in ones like that of the Silkstone Barbies. These Barbie dolls are dressed in the height of fashion from that era. Their eyes are also similar to the original Barbie dolls which were made by Mattel in the beginning. You can also find gift sets which have beautiful reproductions of different vintage Barbie dolls.

One of the vintage Barbie dolls that you will be able to buy is that of a Barbie Learns to Cook doll. This doll is part of the Barbie Picnic Set doll. Another Barbie doll that can be found in this vintage set of Barbie dolls is that of Barbie doll that is dressed in a 60s Twist and Turn style. This doll is dressed in the height of fashion from this swinging period.

For many people who collect Barbie dolls these vintage Barbie dolls are great additions to their collection. For these people it does not matter if the dolls are reproduction Barbie vintage dolls or actual dolls from that period. When you look at all of these vintage Barbie dolls you will see many that you will love to have in your collection. Their great clothes and sophisticated air places these vintage Barbie dolls as must have items for all collectors.

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