Compound Bio Microscope


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Compound Bio Microscope
I have a question about my AP bio lab.?

1. If an opaque object is seen through a compound microscope, what will you do? 2. What means the extension number on the eyepiece mean? 3. Why are objects with 3D stereo microscope?

1. You will see nothing except the schema if the object is small enough to fit on a single field of view (and assuming you're using a low target). Light Microscopes see the light passing through or around the sample. 2. That's the amount of increase ocular lenses provide. Multiply that number by the target number is an increase overall. Thus, a 40x objective and 10x ocular 400x performance. 3. A stereo microscope has two separate fields of view in the head, so there are two objectives watching two angels and normally projecting into two eyepieces (binocular). This provides a 3D image like our eyes do. Hope this helps!

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