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What is the best Halloween costume for a tween?

I really need a suit awesome! I want to be something cool, but nice. Add links, images, or just the answer!

Well ... - Go to a party store (Party City Halloween or warehouse, etc.) and pick something. - Being a ninja and wear all black. - Be girl's pajamas. PJS Wear, slippers, bathrobe if desired, use a pillowcase as a bag, teddy bear, pigtails. - Being a mummy. Wrap yourself in toilet paper. - Being a cowgirl. Jeans wear, boots, shirt, scarf, cowboy hat, pigtails. - Being a figure skater. Use a short skirt, but not slutty, sweaters, gloves, ribbon or curly hair, and a gym bag as a bag, skates over his shoulder and maybe a medal? - Uhm .. good so yeahh!

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