Dread Pirate Game


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Dread Pirate Game
Has anyone played the Dread Pirate game?

My 21 year old daughter and her friends are really into pirates, and Pirates of the Caribbean came out. They have even CROSSBONE skull tattoos come. Could this game for them? I asked for the wood shelf edition with the book and the cloth map. Sounds fair, but I've never seen nor heard of him before I saw it online.

A quick glance at Board Game Geek mixed sample of comments from people there. If your daughter and her friends tend to enjoy games, combined with his new found love of all things pirates, seems a good match. Apparently, the game was quite popular in the region a "sequel" called "Dread Pirate: Buccaneer's Revenge".

Over time, portfolios can repair Tick ... tac ... tick ... tack! Captain Hook knew what the ominous sound of a clock meant - that hungry crocodile, that always seemed to be closing in

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Re: The Dread Pirate Fireball Roberts! (And Housekeeping)

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