First Leappad Book


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First Leappad Book

Visual Books for reluctant readers

If your child is having trouble reading below, may be a visual learner and could respond to books with more pictures than text.

There is no doubt that children learn in their own time. Some children can read fluently by the age of seven years, while others may struggle with basic text for a while before something goes "click."

The best way to encourage your child to enjoy books without pressuring them to read them necessarily alternative books that are visual or have an interactive element. Here are some examples:

Comics went through a stage again in the 1950s, where they were considered the scourge of juvenile delinquency. Opinions have changed and in fact have made comics. There are some wonderful comics and graphic novels that can encourage children to be interested in reading without forcing them to read words in order to get the gist of the story.

In telling the story in sequential images, readers can understand the basic flow of the story of the action, from facial expressions and other visual cues. For the beginner, or emergent readers check out titles like Bone Jeff Smith or The Dreamland Chronicles by Scott Christian Sava. Both are wonderful tales of fantasy with attractive graphics.

Interactive Books
Leapfrog has been in the game interactive books for a number of years. Their system was successful LeapPad and its latest interactive book system, the tag reader, has recently gained Toy of the Year for 2009.

Using a pen battery works "reader" the system interacts with specially crafted words and pictures books, reading not only words but also to promote understanding through games. The books are available for younger readers, but also for those who have come late to reading and may be in franchises like Ben 10 or Star Wars.

Both styles are highly recommended the book to help your reader reluctant to develop a love of books even before they are comfortable to read.

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