Frog Leap Pad


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Frog Leap Pad
AI poem called "My mind wanders?

I look in the river that flows into my mind wanders to a different place My mind wanders to a beach where water comes in and out, take a sea shell and sit on a bench My mind has wandered to a different place My mind wanders to a waterfall, where the frogs to jump over Lilly pads, I can capture one to sit on a rock My mind wanders back to my pond, i splash my mind tomorrow and enter again deviate anyone has you can put into verse? How is it for a beginner?

Not bad (for a beginner), but try to cut some of the mind "my vague" (too repetitive). Mixed-use phrases and passive voice to try to mix it up.

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Leap Frog Leap Pad Writing and Microphone

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