Frog Little Leaps


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Frog Little Leaps
Help! What can I get my sister 6 years old for Christmas???

I have a sister 6 years a Christmas present cogens I can not think of what to look for. I m torn between fashion toys good ol 'new fangled learning leapfrog whatchamajiggers ie learning toys or even something unique I can not decide. She is a very normal girl who likes to laugh a game that's also really smart for her age so I'm not enthusiastic about the idea of a learning toy, but who am I to say that it has much to learn, right. I have about 80 pounds to go, but it would up to £ 100 any input on previous experience you may have had would be greatly appreciated, thanks for reading Merry Christmas and God bless you all!

Bratz Forever Diamonds Semi Rollin

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Lillian playing little leaps!

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