Furby from Hasbro


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Furby from Hasbro
You know where I can find a Furby Evil?

Does anyone know of a company or person who does evil Furbies? LOL they are like the Gremlin as Hasbro Furby toys, but they say all kinds of phrases that sometimes profane and make noises like The Exorcist. They are less wimpy sound normal Furbies. Her eyes glow red right before saying "Die! Die! Die "hehehe!" If not, then I think this would be a great idea for a new toy ... a toy aimed at young adults (not suitable for children) preferably a hot topic / goth / alternative market. But there are small companies that make such a toy? (I understand that there are probably a lot of patents / Copyright with Hasbro, but I also understand that sometimes people do things "under the table" without obtaining a copyright or patent).

I kinda get creeped out by them.

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Furby Love

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