Galactic Heroes Obi Wan & Vader


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Galactic Heroes Obi Wan & Vader

Born in May 1944, in Modesto, California, George Lucas lived a world away from the horrors of Nazi Germany. But his imprint is most evident in Lucas's life work and the creative brainchild, the Star Wars saga. Admitting that the Galactic Empire was based on Germany's Third Reich, Lucas drew from history of characters and imagery needed to paint his evil regime. While some parallels are obvious, as the robotic white soldiers Lucas called "troops of assault, "the same name Hitler gave his personal bodyguards during World War II, other comparisons require a little digging. These comparisons are made for a fascinating study.

Senator Palpatine and Adolf Hitler:
The story of Senator Palpatine as specified in the episodes I, II and III seems remarkable rise of Adolf Hitler to power. Both men rose from obscurity to power, to embrace democracy and to the outside of the republic, while behind the scenes who worked for its ruin. In Episode II Senator Palpatine faces the dissolution of the Senate with, "I love democracy ... I love the Republic" while reluctantly accept the supreme power. It is not known who is also the Sith Lord, orchestrating the downfall of democracy. This echoes the history of Hitler, apparently also supports democracy, the promise to play by its rules, along forming a shadow government and an army among the ranks of his Nazi party. Similarity is most noticeable in the fire at the Jedi Temple and the burning of the Reichstag in 1933, which effectively dissolved the German senate. These shows were the brains of Palpatine and bring Hitler to power. Afterwards, Palpatine installs himself as Emperor, while Hitler declared himself "Fuhrer" or supreme leader.

The leadership style of Palpatine continues to be the model for Hitler, who then withdrew from the public eye and surrounded himself with those who only he knew that his followers loyal. While Hitler formed the SS-a black-clad security equipment protects him day and night and publicly carried out his orders, as Emperor Palpatine created Darth Vader, his buddy, dressed in black, whose obedience to the Emperor extended to destroying whole planets. Hitler is remembered as evil incarnate, and as such, Lucas could not have chosen a better figure to model Palpatine after.

Darth Vader and Luke Skywalker Parallels:
In German, vater means "father." So Vader is a most interesting and deliberate choice of a character who is the spiritual father of the hero of Star Wars. This father-son relationship finds its parallel in the relationship between the German poet and political rebel Albrecht Haushofer and his father, Karl. Karl frequent visits to Japan major influence on his life and thought. It was particularly entranced by the samurai - the Japanese military aristocracy which Lucas drew heavily on inspiration for the Jedi. In the 1920s Karl became involved with Hitler through his close student, Rudolf Hess, Hitler's Man # 3 (which was later found, after Goering). Karl became instrumental in the formation of the alliance between Germany and Japan. Other interesting note is that contemporary geopolitics name Maull existed at this time. Maul was a contemporary of Anakin Sith Skywalker.

Young Albrecht, in a poem entitled Der Vater, alludes to an evil that appears once every thousand years. When Star Wars begins the Sith was not seen for so long. The poem continues by saying that Albrecht's father had power to stop this evil, but that broke, power and choice that Anakin did Skywalker before he became Darth Vader. While Alberto worked alongside his father at first, trying to bring peace to Europe through a treaty with England and France, later saw the futility of their actions and joined the assassination plot to assassinate Hitler and restore balance and peace in Germany. Here George Lucas departs from history, for while Luke succeeds in overcoming the evil that has not embraced his father, Albert was so lucky. He was arrested for treason and participation shot by an SS command Russian troops entered Berlin. Karl was also imprisoned after the war. Perhaps the memory of his son asks for his death in 1946. Before his death, Darth Vader redeemed himself by shaking off the influence of the emperor and restore balance to the universe. He is last seen taking place between Obi-Wan Kenobi and Yoda, thus becoming the Jedi he once was. Karl's last act in life also resembled the Jedi when he committed suicide, seppuku the traditional method Samurai.

Nazi Echoes
The discerning eye recognizes the openly Nazi overtones apparent in the Galactic Empire. This is no accident. George Lucas supposedly told costume designer and military historian John Mollo that he wanted the "bad" to look fascist. The atmosphere of rigid control and dehumanization is the ideal of Hitler, whose armies marched in stiff procession, beyond the description of the discipline of robotics. The uniforms and caps worn imperial officers in Star Wars were modernized versions of 1915 Bavarian Chevaulgers. The scene in the throne room in Episode IV is reminiscent of a propaganda film Nazi also paint the picture that history repeats itself. Thus, observers of Star Wars gain a lesson in history.

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Obi Wan vs. Vader

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