Golden Retriever


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Golden Retriever
What dog is like a golden retriever miniature?

I saw this dog the other day and looked like a mini gold. It looked like a puppy. It looked like a full grown golden retriever, but reduced the size of a big Yorkie. Please answer! Pictures too! Maybe it's a golden cocker spaniel?

Are you as tired as I am of places for sales? So below is a story about one of my dogs. It has nothing to do with sales. I hope you like. If so, let me know and I'll say more about my other two dogs.

My wife and I have three dogs, but today I'll just talk about one of them. The rest, I'll save for another day. So, without further to do, we acquired the first dog was a rescue puppy, we call Cimi - short of cinnamon because it is a cinnamon color. She is half Golden Retriever and half Chow. She is medium in size as a Chow, a curled up tail, but has the personality of a dog retriever.

She is so smart that we had no home of rest for them because they broke the house itself. When he got older, found that she understood everything we said. If fact, if we say something in front of her that did not want her to know we have to write it. I have heard many similar stories of having to spell things in front of the dogs, but the difference with Cimi, she has learned to spell words such as "Walk". If we were to say something like, "It When you know that to take a walk, "his ears were encouraged and she starts to moan and run back to the fourth door.

It also has strange eating habits. She will not eat hard dog food, unless you are starving. The vet said that dogs are genetically programmed to be able to go five days without eating, because they lived in nature, you never knew when he put his next meal. He said that when they refuse to eat, it is harder for us than them, but when they get hungry enough to eat. Anyway, Cimi knows that what really bothers us when they want to eat, so that what is put head to the plate and pretend to eat. In the end, which eventually decompose before the five days are up and give him some canned dog food, she not mad, but she will eat. However, the only kind of canned dog food they eat is too expensive to give all the time. So finally "us" trained. We have to do with the turkey dinner roll, rice and vegetables. She loves him but is really a great job to maintain.

Finally, and interestingly, has never liked playing with dog toys and dog tricks were never able to teach him to look. When we tried, we looked like, "You're going to find. What do you think I am - a dog. "Yes, she thinks that humans and so are we.

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Golden Retriever

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