Graco Pack ?n Play


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Graco Pack ?n Play
Crib Pack 'n Play safe for babies to sleep at night?

I wn Play, a Graco pack '/ bassinet and was wondering if someone can give me advice on weather it is safe for a newborn to sleep in the crib at night or should be used only for naps? I am concerned only by the packet n 'Play Charging Cradle dips (center), when bedtime - she is 8 pounds 6 oz The cushion part is not as difficult as the "traditional" crib mattresses are. I am a 1st time mother and I would love some advice from someone with a little more experience ...:)

Pack Views n are wonderful for sleeping. We use it beside our bed until he emerged from the limit of 17 pounds for the part of Moses. I would worry about his. It is assumed SAG in the middle. Either I get a new one or take it.

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Pack 'n Play setup

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