Halloween Costumes


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Halloween Costumes
What are the good and the fear of Halloween costumes?

What are the good and the fear of Halloween costumes?

A dragon.


Halloween is a favorite holiday?

I'ma big fan of it myself. Candy, cool Halloween costumes, a meeting friends for Halloween parties ... I love everything, except when people scare others.

A few years ago, I bought this mask of a demon fresh as part of my Halloween costume. However, the mask was not as fearsome as it was for me to sit on the porch of the house of my friend handing out candy. Why is that afraid?

The women came and gave me their children to take a picture. My costume is not afraid of infants and young children, who were too young to know better, but could see nothing! I had a real fear that someone would fall baby.

The emotional effects of fear

The emotion we feel when our friends go behind the bushes on Halloween us shouting, "Boo!" characterized as "scary." It is the same we got chills when we see a horror movie and see the scene where the evil murderer of the girl jumps into the basement.

Fear is distinguished from frightened by his sudden, unexpected nature. Fright system crisis, the alarms of the spirit, and makes the chi or vital energy dispersion. Since the center is the spirit, the fear, particularly in its initial stage, mainly hurts the heart.

That's why "good" scares that we give to our friends on Halloween might actually cause a heart attack in someone with a weak heart. That's why pregnant women and people with diseases heart cautioned not to ride roller coasters.

Some people seek to stimulate scares the adrenaline rush, but the long-term effects are not healthy.

The Dangers of Fear

If fear persists and becomes chronic fear, moves to the kidneys and damage these organs important, too. Persistent fear involves a host of other medical problems.

The kidneys control the growth and development of bones and nourish marrow, which is the body's supply of red and white cells. According to The Complete Book of Chinese Health and Healing, by Daniel Reid, "energy of the kidneys ... weakness is the main cause of anemia and immune deficiency ... The Chinese view the spinal cord and brain as a form of bone marrow, and therefore poor memory, inability to think clearly, and backache are all regarded as indicators of renal failure and kidney energy deficient. "

Treats, No Tricks This Halloween

Before trying to scare your friends this Halloween, think of the damage it could do - especially if you're not the first person at night to frighten them.

Reid also explained that the excess energy fear damage kidney and causes a person that energy to fall, sometimes causing loss of bladder control. Chronic fear and paranoia can cause kidney failure and permanent kidney damage.

These energies excessive emotional upset the delicate balance of yin and yang energy in the body systems.

This Halloween, take action to address energy environmental effects so prevalent during the holidays. Emphasize the question, instead of the tricks, to minimize negative emotions to others. And cultivate the pure energy of maintaining a strong defense against any that are obvious on Halloween night.

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The favorite holiday Halloween is up. It is high time to think of the ways to celebrate Halloween this season. The author of this article says that treats do better than tricks to celebrate Halloween. The author has also made some notes about choosing the Halloween costume.

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