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I Spy Bingo
Boredom use the bus for Pre-K?

My son is 50 min. back and forth from school. This is the only negative is that (aside from my problems attachment). Does anyone have any ideas for activities you can do 4 years in a bus. He can not eat on the bus. Someone sent me a laminated card and bingo a car and a spy cranyon I book image. Soon as you get older. And learn to draw steam on the windows, too ... But, any ideas? I do not want to get too attached to something that prevents him from talking to other children on the bus. I also have something that can make quickly. I will be using public transport. I have taught my children, not to waste and I will practice what you preach.

What type of bus is? Head Start offers excellent learning opportunities organized buses in my area. Is it a public school bus? Do you have a fellow bus? If so, your partner can read it, teaches songs and play games to have watching the external environment. Is public transport? Do you walk with him? Then you could be his companion bus. If none of these will work, maybe you could send a bus for their daily activities. Tell him when he gets home today, you want to know how many barns / cows / semis / trains (something I think is likely to see). Tell him to see any letter is appropriate for him now, as perhaps the first letter of their name, or the first letter of his surname, in the signs and tell how many are. Teach him to play Cat's Cradle so you can ask a friend to play with him. Teach him to play tic tac toe and send a small notebook and pencil with him. Send to a couple of books he likes to watch. I love the idea of cars Bingo card! Just try to vary so that not doing the same activity every day.

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