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Hasbro idog I have a puppy and want to know what the colors mean?

My puppy Hasbro idog changes to their colors: blue, orange, purple, yellow and red. I want to know what each one of them. My idog is pink, too. Please help me! :-)

I know that red means crazy. My friend is acting and if you pull kitty's tale is angry. so if you do something to your dog it's my turn red. If you want more information please send me an email. I can ask my friend what it means.

The iDog is here my smart phone is fine, but sometimes I wish that was adorable. Application kits are fun and all, but they do not have a candle to man's best friend. Unfortunately, dogs and smart phones with very little overlapping functions. That is, until now. Laura Boffi, ...

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idog with iPod

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