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Kid Learning System
Learn the changes?

Now that Pluto is a planet that is not declared, is the future of children to learn about the solar system to learn about it? And they are getting new textbooks simply because it is a planet? What are the changes? I meant "What is changing"

Each year, new discoveries or theories that the text many outdated books. Pluto is just one example of the continuing increase in human knowledge. - Titan has methane and ethane lakes on it - that outdates Saturn textbooks written before 2005. - They found ice on Mars only this week, so books outdates written before this week. - Since 1996, have so far found 294 exoplanets - which outdates textbooks written before 1996. There are plenty of examples like this. And to be realistic, based on some of the questions here on YA, children are not even understand the basic principles of science in school today - worrying about whether Pluto will learn about the future is not important. Not sure what you mean by "what are the" changing.

One of the things ... Mom taught us asked some well-known Pittsburgh mothers share their advice.

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