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Microsoft Believes Core Gamers Will Learn To Love Kinect
Many hardcore gamers were disappointed in Microsoft's E3 2011 press conference and its focus on Kinect titles. The console manufacturer defended that choice today, saying that gamers will warm up to the new motion-sensing device when they get their hands on the core-focused titles they were showing. Speaking with Eurogamer , Xbox senior product manager David Dennis said the negative reaction ...
Kinect Xbox

How do i scan my body on the xbox kinect?

How do i scan my body on the xbox kinect?
I am new at this kinect thing i really need help how do i scan myself so my avatar looks like me? also how do i scan my items? because in the commercial it showed that u can do that

You still have to design your avatar yourself... You can get it to recognize you and log you in automatically by running the Kinect ID app. Very few games can scan objects yet (Kinectimals can take a picture for your sign), the commercial you are taking about was a concept video - of what might come out in the future.

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