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L MAX Learning Game System

Even if you just started to research options as a possible addition to your portfolio, you've probably seen some of the ads that talk about how Options allow investors to "control" hundreds or even thousands of shares of stock in a company of only a fraction of the purchase price of the shares directly. That bit of information may have to scratch their heads and wondering how it is possible to play with the big boys for only a small portion of normal cost. Well, that's a reasonable question and the answer is why many investors have found their way to the options in recent years. Let's look at what investment options is the place for big returns.

Leverage, leverage, leverage

Leverage has become a term of four letters of all kinds, including the abuse had a hand in the collapse of some major financial institutions, but leverage is not a bad thing, if investors understand and how to limit your risk. Here's how working with options. Say you want to buy the August 25 calls from Microsoft. Remember that options capital of each contract puts you in control of 100 shares. Microsoft is trading at $ 23 per share and the calls are trading for $ 1. That means that when you buy a contract on August 25 calls, your costs and your risk is $ 100. (The contract price is $ 1 x 100 shares). If he had bought 100 shares of Microsoft market, cost and risk would have been $ 2,300.

Now we're starting to see one of the major attractions of investment options. If your shares of Microsoft up $ 1, you win $ 100. Great, but also explained $ 2,300. If calls jump to $ 2, has doubled its investment with little risk. So how to make working for options investors. A great potential benefit, at a rate faster than the stock, all with a very low risk profile. The worst that can happen when you buy puts or calls is that the contract expires worthless and you lose the premium paid to enter the trade. It would lose much more if you owned direct action fell to zero.

More Options Advantages

As you can see, the options are far more profitable than stocks. If you have $ 20,000 to invest and are interested in a population of $ 50 purchase of 400 shares only eat all of their funds. On the other hand, you could buy three calls for $ 10 X $ 3,000 ($ 10 100 shares = $ 1,000) and still have plenty of surplus funds to diversify their investments.

Options also populations are higher than that once you graduate to more advanced options strategies that will see the versatility of this asset class can not be beat. When populations trade, really only has two choices: long, which means that buying a stock in the hope that it will go up, or sell short, which means that we the population to decrease.

Sure, we can go and do that with options, too, but can also benefit from the options in range bound markets. We may also use options to generate income by selling covered calls on stocks you already own. More advanced traders using strategies such as spreads, collars, and extends others benefit from a variety of market conditions. It is even possible to add a new position options for a to strengthen their existing potential returns. Try doing that with stocks!

Do not forget a good investment

Obviously, investors love options because of the possibility of making more money faster than many other asset classes. Hence the beauty of the lever. To evaluate the potential benefit of an option contract means that we must look at its delta. Delta is the measure of how much the contract was moving in relation to the underlying stock. Say you're looking for to buy some calls for Pepsi that has a delta of 0.8. This means that for every dollar of Pepsi stock rises or falls, our calls will increase or decrease by 80 cents dollar. That is a high delta contract. Calls to buy a $ 5 contract ($ 5 x 100 = $ 500), where Pepsi is trading at $ 50 in the open market. Subsequently, the stock shot to $ 55, so while stock investors made 10%, our options with a delta of 0.8 up $ 4 in value or 80%. We made $ 400 on an investment of $ 500. That's a change hard to beat.

Versatility, profits and more

We're not saying you must pass completely over other investment vehicles because options are so wonderful. Yes, they are great tools, but later in the day, you want your portfolio to be diversified. That said, the options offered variability with a potential benefit that is impossible to ignore that this asset class worth knowing. Take the first step in the world of options. Your wallet will thank you.

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