Leap Frog Baby Little


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Leap Frog Baby Little
Does your baby crawl before s / he could stand? Suggestions for teaching a baby to crawl?

My baby is 9.5 months and not crawl! This is a source of frustration for us, and I might call Early Intervention to have him evaluated, but want to give at least a week and a half. But today I put him in front of his Leap Frog Learn & Groove table and he remained there for an hour, drop a couple of times, and having a blast! His legs were so tired they were shaking! But he will not give up his game, no matter what. So moms and dads, who usually comes first: standing or crawling? And do you have any suggestions for teaching a baby to crawl (besides the obvious heres your favorite toy, come and get it!)? Or any other thoughts on the matter, for alleviate my fears???

My daughter was 10 months old before starting to crawl, so I would not worry about that just yet. Some babies do not drag all and go right up / cruise / walk. My daughter crawled first, then learned to walk, and cruising the furniture. She was 13 months old when she first walked unaided.

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Baby hamsters playing leapfrog! so cute!

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