Leap Frog Baby


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Leap Frog Baby
In his experience, when did your baby start crawling?

My 6 1 / 2 months old is trying to crawl! AHHH! I'm not so smart for this. She has been up on all fours and rocking back and forth. She actually lunge forward, while on all fours. My 6 year old son old, said it appeared he was playing leapfrog. I'm really afraid it will explode your face when you're doing. She has the movement of the legs down quite well, but can not seem to move his arms to coordinate with the legs. Therefore, it "jumps" the head / face first in what she is trying arrived. So, from their own experience from the moment your baby started doing this, how long before he / she really could crawl? Thank you! :) Ana-No No army crawls. She does not move his arms to all. It's the strangest thing I've seen. She just jumps and throws with his legs.

Well my first no trace at all! He stood up and started walking around furniture, crawl skipped completely alone .... It was full blown walking perfectly in 9 1 / 2 months .. PROOF THAT! lol ... Now my second crawled at 5 months ... Well, he did what you are describing .. and that plants face many .. (I we liked to call them), we have all hardwood floors, so we bought a carpet specifically for it so it does not hurt that bad. Now with my third she did not start doing anything until she was ten months old, and we feared that something was wrong with it .. then one day she started doing this walk spider monkey, we call it .. on all fours but standing like a monkey .. thats if it makes any sense. never really pulled it just left, well, not like a monkey ... LOL was incredibly soooo cute, but strange .. she then scoot in and pull it back with your arms .. It was sooo funny. But only about 3 weeks later she started getting standing and trying to walk. And right at 11 1 / 2 months walking to perfection. So anyway ... Hang ... and best of luck!

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Baby Xavier August 13 Leap frog

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