Leap Frog Imagination


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Leap Frog Imagination
My girlfriend is so suspicious! How can I deal with it?

My girlfriend has a recurring problem and suspect me of my good friend, and I said over and over again that we are * * only friends, but his imagination gets the best of it. He walked over us while he was running his fingers through the chest hair, but even though I said I was just checking ingrown hairs, as you do for others, think that something happens. Can you believe that??? She also thinks it's wrong that she found us slow dancing to "Is not Nobody" by Chaka Khan, it is understood that low-impact aerobics are the best exercise out there? Your mind jumps to these conclusions wild! I'm almost afraid to tell her that my initials tattooed on his biceps are not really my aunt, but theirs! It's terrible all this tension that is putting your wild imagination on me! She does not understand male bonding! She even accused us of having physical I told him that only came into us playing leapfrog! How can I deal with it?

View .. now that is exactly what I mean, Jack. Man I I'm in trouble.

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