Leap Frog Learning Game System


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Leap Frog Learning Game System
Plug Power problem, I do not understand the + to - on the back of my I want it to connect.?

I bought a universal plug, has many volts and puts out 300mA. I need 5V 300mA, but the best I can reach is 4.5V 300mA. A man at the store said it should be fine. Its for the game system from Leap Frog. Dice 5V 300mA at + with a circle, some lines, then -. Now the plugin is given TIP and I can do that + or -. How do I know which way to go? I never understood this part and never learned. Could that help explain a little for me? Thanks

4.5V could run it. You may need to obtain one unit 5V. Regarding polarity, the point is that the end of a pin outlet, and inside a barrel outlet. In the diagram of the adapter and the original Part C of the diagram is not the contact of the tip, and within the C terminal is the point. Apparently, the device is a - the tip.

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Downloading games to the leapfrog Leapster2 gaming system

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