Leap Frog Pad


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Leap Frog Pad
What U think these old sayings mean?

"The old apple that fell on the head of old age was full of thoughts, memories, knowledge and much more.-The fly was flying around and around until he said helplessness: "I'd be dead. this is too much pain." then marcha. ate a frog-the firefly was flying until we found a few lost travelers and helped them find the path of peace and serenity, the old line old scars womans eye and was later called corns, the frog hopped on a beautiful lily pad went round to wat to do these things mean? and have u heard of this saying B4?

1 The first is talking about the wiseness of the Apple man.Maybe is representing death? 2 The second is easier, its saying: Do not take life for granted. 3 His saying, follow the light, okay? The passengers were lost, which could mean they are sinners, and the Bible led them to heaven? 4 The fourth is a bit hard.Maybe your talking about aging? 5 Hmmm, maybe everything you do has a consequence? I've heard nothing these.They remind me a lot of things I write.

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Leap Pad Review part 1

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