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Leap Pad Learning
How to teach him to be yet?

I have a 2y / o daughter who is as bright and wimsical but refuses to sit still for more than two minutes, while I try to teach something. She learned her alphabet through play and song. She learned to say rhymes 1-5 fingers playing. For Christmas, her grandparents and uncles high all pitched in to buy a My First Leap Pad. It is pink and is so cute and bought about nine pills to go with it. I tried several times to sit with her and get his departure, but cries and kicks because he wants to bite the pen or the book or throw around. So I put in the closet, but I want to start to get your vocabulary goes. But I can not for the life of me, make them feel even for reading, drawing or 2 minutes longer phonetic. I am patient and tell him to calm down this is what we to do, etc and I have left to explore on your own only to have some of the things / activities are broken - is there any way to calm down during this time and make sounds good?

I have an "almost" four years of age, which reminds me of her child. I found myself this question a lot when he started walking. I concluded that I need to relax and let learn from the way that he enjoys. 2 years of age have difficulty paying attention to most interesting things in this age, 2 minutes seems right for her. You are doing the right thing with songs, games and rhymes. As she gets older she will be able to sit longer and you will see improvement. Do not worry so much about how long it will feel to go over the flash cards and activity books in three years is expected to feel more than a couple of hours a day at a small desk, while a teacher tries to encourage students to work 15 + the same thing! We will learn through play and hands on activities. I feel that children like ours who have this type of energy is destined to become something big. Dale's opportunity to do it your way! Best luck!

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