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Leapfrog Explorer Globe
Is it generally accepted to call the Australian continent "Oceania"?

My daughter is an electronic system from LeapFrog Explorer Globe. By clicking on Australia, they identify that as a continent of Oceania. I was taught that there are seven continents and Australia is one of them. Is this the new way of doing reference to that area to include New Zealand, Papua New Guinea and all the other islands? Or not so common to call the Oceania region?

Oceania The term is used to combine the South Pacific island nations to Australia and New Zealand on a desirable socio-economic (and international sports) unity for convenience. The South Pacific island nations are scattered over a wide area, and are not large enough to be considered socio-economic units in their own right (but every country is independent, political and econiomically). Both Australia and New Zealand have large enough populations and activity levels economic order to be considered separately, but together all island nations are not yet sufficiently large, so are grouped with New Zealand Australaia and 'Oceania'. It is also a convenient way distiguishing the island nations of Asia (eg the Philippines and Japan are part of Asia, not Oceania). Another term Australasia "Is used to group Australia and New Zealand with East Asia as an economic unit (there is a large amount of trade between the countries of Australasia). Australian and New Zealanders do not think of themselves as "ocean". There is no geographical basis for considering that Oceania is included as part of the Australian continent. In fact, Ocean Island nations themselves are, in that they are in a plate of oceanic crust, rather than the continental plate in Asia or Australia. In this geographical context, 'Oceania' must be considered separately from Australia.

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