Leappad Leap Pad


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Leappad Leap Pad
LeapPad learning system?

I found a Leap Pad learning system (this http://www.amazon.com/LeapFrog-Leap-Pad-Learning-System/dp/B000K3I284/ref=pd_sbs_t_16) Goodwill at $ 12 today. : D It came with 6 books. Only one of the works of the books. Do I need another accessory? As a cartridge? I see a place the side that seems to fit one? Should I throw these books because they do not work, can you even buy the books for longer?

Yes, for the platform jump that requires a book and a cartridge. If you go to Walmart or Target or something, you find that sell books. They come in a package with the booklet and the cartridge that is with him. You need a different cartridge for each book. I just want to pull the books that do not have a cartridge with them because they only sold as a set. You must be able to find in the toy department where all the electronic toys are educational.

Kids'll's toys soon ask for in a D-3 mask children can use to see "Transformers" in 3-D to a compressed pad Salto - Yes, a tablet - for children, there were all sorts of goodies Technology in Toy Fair in New York this year.

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Becca's Leap Pad

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