Leapster Game Cartridge


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Leapster Game Cartridge
Leapster learning game ...?

doing research for my (soon to be 4 years). 2 accomidate makes Leapster Leapster cartridges original? I like that I can go online and see their progress and keep the grandmother. I hear it's better than a v-smile .. Do you agree?

if we are talking about the Leapster L-Max then yes! Leapster ago accomidate OEM cartridges. I think it's a good idea. Traveling with children in my preschool class are L-Max and love it! My daughter, now 7, has had a Leapster (the oldest) for almost 2 years and still plays. it would be something that your soon to be 4 years age, could get years of enjoyment! there are games to suit a variety of interests and learning levels. From what I understand, the V-Smile is good for very young children, but loses its appeal to children ages 5 +. so I think it's a good idea to buy a Leapster instead of a V-Smile. but that's just my comment! my boyfriend has a V-smile for their 4 years of age, but not too interested in him, so I have not seen them in action. So yes! i agree with you.

LeapFrog is the leader in Mobile Learning With New Leapster Explorer (TM) Platform LeapFrog Enterprises, Inc., creator of educational games console has a Leapster2 # announced today the Explorer Leapster learning experience. Leapster Explorer, delivering more than 40 different learning and play experiences at the end of the year, offers a combination unprecedented hand and online play for children aged four to nine years of age.

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Leap Frog Leapster2 Learning Game System

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