Leapster Learning System


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Leapster Learning System
What is the best video game system of a child of four years?

I want to learn from it so I was thinking of something for Leapster but it's something I'd still play with a few years down the road then I was thinking Nintendo. What do you think is the best Based on these factors: age, content and price. THANK YOU!

4 years of age do not need video game systems. Teach them to use their hands for holding and use of real objects. Teach them to use their minds with books. Teach them how to draw or paint. Enter your to dance and gymnastics. Take swimming lessons together. Pass time with his son. Take them to the zoo, the park, the aquarium, we will learn from the experiences of real life. Video games mindless entertainment, not educational. Do not buy in the marketing crap game developers off. When your child is 8 to introduce them to Nintendo, but not 4.

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Leapster "Sonic X"

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