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Learning Connections Train
It is IQ (intelligence quotient) and knowledge of the same thing?

It is a philosophy / scientific question. Intelligence is the ability to learn, reasoning, understanding, and similar forms of mental activity, the ability to grasp the truths, relationships, facts, what it means, but what we makes smart? If it is a capacity below is just an innate feature of his life .. or perhaps you can train. you can learn to be smart, Is not it? Intelligence is also a known attitude towards knowledge, do not you think? He's all about the connections of neurons and are the same thing. I may just miswondering But I like to think that I think some people are more talented than others ...

This really is not so much a philosophical question as a semantics. CI is still not the same as intelligence. IQ is the score received in any one of a series of intelligence tests, which were originally developed to exclude certain people from the entrance to institutions of higher education. Then, these institutions could claim that all its graduates were "better" than other institutions. Intelligence tests are supposed to evaluate one's aptitude for learning and rational thinking, but have been found to be subjective, culturally biased and inaccurate. IQ tests basically grade their ability to pass IQ tests. Intelligence generally means a capacity for abstract thought or reasoning. Knowledge is simply a measure of how much a person knows facts. And, of course, someone may have a lot of knowledge about an area of nonfactual, such as the life of Harry Potter or Star Trek universe.

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