Learning Friend Lily


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Learning Friend Lily
Know One answer my question?

I'm auditioning for Peter Pan Wendy>>>> is a musical. and I really want to get the part. * What songs do I need to learn? * How can I practice being angry, sad, and as softly as how to speak English. you know that we've probably all seen the movie How can I learn to speak well. * Tips * advice on false false tears to cry, like when you're angry. * How to practice sword fighting and how to fight the sword. How to pronounce the name of Wendy's. How can I really impress judges. and what other roles in Peter Pan I think for adishioning. I want something pretty big, not a pirate is not my friend lost a child being tested for tiger lily what else is there for me I do not want an Indian or a siren, what else could try please help. Bessie.

You have to choose a song that is similar to the songs in the show. Maybe sing a song from Disney ... When you wish upon a star ... something. For the rest of you ... can not fake. You you believe you are that character. You have to get in the mindset of the character is and bring it to life. Wendy portrays the mother figure to all the lost children ... she is patient, but stay calm here and there. She is not bad. Trying to remember what it was like playing house when you were a toddler. She is a girl trying to act as an adult. To mourn is to really hear what the character is saying or what other characters are telling you. You must be able to relate to the emotions the character, so that the character to life. As for sword fighting ... Stage combat is the choreography. That is something that was reflected in the testing process. Is carefully planned so that nobody gets hurt. They teach you at different speeds and then eventually to increase the speed so that it looks realistic. As to get the British accent I suggest you see the Harry Potter and the payment of approximately attenting to accentuate the Hermione Granger. From the family of Wendy's has the status that his accent is very proper. As for the pronunciation of his name ... Wendy Moira Angela Darling middle name Moira (Moy-ee-rah) Good Luck

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