Learning Hoops


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Learning Hoops
Can learn from BSC College Basketball? College Hoops gives anyone the opportunity to be a champion.?

BCS no. There should be a playoff, and now let's see Florida get blown out because their development will not stop Ginn, # 10 and the runner, I really do not, and hopefully they can make with O-State but honestly do not know. Beat a batterd Arkansas. Michigan will shut down the USC who fought and lost last week. The BCS should be classified as BS. I do not care for O-State or Michigan, but I want to see a good game on New Year's Day. Give me a reason to drink.

IF .... The BCS does not seem to care if there is controversy as most of the years that have existed in trouble! The system's Basketball NCAA allows each team the chance to be # 1 as a better system .... The biggest problem for the BCS becomes ... How many teams in the playoff? 16 teams means of 4 weeks (which is a kind of long) and I think people over 16 want to go to the playoffs, but that only makes it longer so there is no easy solution.

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