Lego Pirate Ship


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Lego Pirate Ship
Lego pirate ship: the Black Sea Barracuda?

The original 1989 Barracuda Black Sea Pirate Ship. I've tried Craigslist and eBay, and you can not find by below $ 150. Does anyone know another website that might prove or have a suggestion? I'm thinking I'll just eat my pride and pay 150, but I would like to avoid if possible. Besides, I do not entirely trust that I will get what you pay for on eBay. = Http:// 3Fq%% 3DBlack 2BSeas% 2BBarracuda% 26gbv% 3D2% 26hl% 3Den% 26sa% 3DG

A set of production during that time, eBay or one of the forums is the only Lego hope.

Win family tickets to LEGOLAND pirates take to the high seas in LEGOLAND (R) Windsor this summer and we're giving away three family tickets. For the first time, children who want to become pirates for a day you can see their dreams become reality with the opening of the first theme park dedicated land of pirates.

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LEGO PIRATES - Sinking the Ship

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