Lego Technic


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Lego Technic
Where can I buy Lego Technic pieces?

I was wondering if there are websites that tell me what difference having the pieces I want, or where I get some technology pieces. I know there was a website that had a list of all the Lego pieces, but just can not remember where it is.

For the latest information repository on Lego pieces, inventory system and room searches, no place to go than Peeron. and are also good places to go and purchase. Good luck!

My childhood Memories Live In Underground Parking Vault Lego [Lego] # Lay Nothing brings to mind such as odors. In my case, is the smell of plastic. Thousands of little colored plastic pieces in cardboard boxes. Literally, all those memories live in a safe temperature, and humidity control, vault, fireproof files in Denmark. More ยป

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