Light Saber


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Light Saber
Where can I find the black lightsaber fresh about Star Wars: The Force Unleashed?

What level is the lightsaber crystal and where this level. Is F @ cking cold and I have to have it. 10 points to the correct answer first.

is in the Death Star. the big room with the central platform and anti-grav pads. go to the fight against grav pad on the end of the room from where you enter, ride the whole way. look to the central platform, and then all the way to the top, across from where you stand, the laser of the left tunnel ... who sits on the top of the ring farthest, jump on the slope directly in front of you, jump to the holocron. good luck. if you need me to explain more clearly, the message I PSN: rdrayman101

Tom Barnard: That Q-an excerpt from the Charter Great Pumpkin

Chief Crazy Captain Christo has a plan for S-talk radio waves. I know it might sound a little corny, but listen and learn. It is simply a-mai-zing. Understanding Tom Bernard and crew KQRS, a small beer haha has increased in the Twin Cities known as Wyatt Bayer key. You see, even without stepping in studies GOAL DEN station Valle, Chief Crazy Captain Christo is going to play hard with the ballast of the crew. Here is the conversation between the chief captain Christo and Crazy Tom Barnard. In this piece you a trick of Al, Tom's name was changed to St. Bernard, but will be further reduced to KNOW. Chief Crazy Captain Christo, in an impressive play to keep opponents off guard, not the O-Range blob of light. No, in this abbreviated version of the Letters of Great Pumpkin, the head goes by the name test.

KNOW: "Hey it's coming up in twenty eight fifty-five. We'll be back soon after this message Snuggie. "At that moment, the radio announcer turned into a St. Bernard, although he had no radio listeners no idea. Enter test.

- Test (O-Range glowing light) - "That Q?"

KNOW - "Hey, it's this bright light in my eyes. I'm blind and can not see."

Essay - "I, Chief Crazy Captain Christo. Q What? "

KNOW - "Who are you and what you want? Do not you see we are in the air? Why just say KQ? "

Essay - "That's just what you hear. Heed Mr. KNOW. You have a wit sharp as a saber-toothed tiger and put you in a St. Bernard! "

KNOW - "Well I turn back to the radio announcer who I am I can finish the program am "

Essay - "What Q?"

KNOW - "Yes KQ! Bark Bark Bark"

Essay - "Do you think a barrel of whiskey around his neck KNOW. Do not open until 21 December 2012. It's a special barrel is not whiskey, but with a special sauce that will not be ready until then. Now my Que P. What is Spanish, why. Q is the name of some crackpot who calls himself Line CASH GIFTING experts. If you would be kind of interview Q as a call to demonstrate that would be great. Not like to show his face either, but I think you two have a great debate about the reason why many people fail in their attempt to create true and lasting wealth.

KNOW - "Deal or change me back now. The pain in the neck is killing me and I can not breathe."

TESTING, loosening the barrel around the neck of sword, "Here you go.'ll take me until 21 December 2012. come back to you, except that this time will be wrapped in paradise paper and sealed with something I prefer not to speak. Now remember, know, That Q? Ask at least ten questions provoke thought this personality who calls himself P. Why I know that may be the real deal. I just thought it would be the perfect interviewer. Beside that, I love hearing your program. Keep up the great work Senior KNOW. (Old expression DAWG!).

Saber (laughing hysterically) "OK Chief Crazy Captain Christo. But one question for you? Is not Charles Schultz of St. Paul and not its people be upset that your use of your Great Pumpkin

Charlie Brown in history ....."

Essay - "What? Song (from Rob Zombie in the background thumpin TEST's House) No Knowing that I'm not worried about it. You see, I have a long history of taking something that was bigger and with a few tricks and treats, making it a work of art beyond belief. You'll see. What is not was coming here was that the title of this piece is really SNOOPY the second part of the Seven. I cleverly disguised with a view to launching the censors of the road. It's called covering their tracks in the dark and snow. "

KNOW - "Did I hear Rob Zombie playing in the background. I can not stand any of its mu ... "

With that being said, Tom Barnard was back in the air. Stay tuned for excerpts from The Letters of Great Pumpkin. KQRS (Revelation station!)

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