Lightsaber Sword


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Lightsaber Sword

Military Swords modern Armed Forces symbolize power, strength, duty and honor. There is also an historical aspect to military swords. The Sword in the Age Media was often the main weapon of the soldier.

As technology advanced weapons, especially with the widespread use of gunpowder, swords became more ceremonial in nature. Today, the military as a weapon sword survives as a bayonet. Full-size military swords today are not used in combat and are a symbol instead.

Military Swords In Print

Military Swords have a greater role in fantasy literature. This literature was used most often in a medieval setting, with that the military sword once more in importance as the main weapon. These swords often have special skills or confer special powers to their wearers. Some of these Swords are special enough for their names.

Two of the many military swords from fantasy are discussed in the following paragraphs.

Sword Of The Rings

JRR Tolkien's fantasy classic "Lord of the Rings", abounds with military swords. Many of these were forged with the magic for use against enemies. Sting, the short sword carried by Bilbo and Frodo Baggins, may be the best known. However, the real military sword of the trilogy was born by Aragorn.

Aragorn was the heir to the throne of Gondor and Arnor much (much of Middle Earth), but was virtually unknown to the population. However, the history of military sword, which does cut the One Ring from Sauron's hand was legendary throughout Middle Earth.

The sword, called Narsil, shattered by making cutting fatal. Aragorn inherited and led her party, the ancient military sword. Narsil was later restored and renamed Anduril in "Lord of the Rings." This is the military sword that Aragorn was the principal means of identification, and the key to its claim to the thrones of Middle Earth.

Star Sword

The original "Star Wars" by George Lucas gave rise to many films and novels. Although the original movie appeared to be pure science fiction was really a classic fairy tale set in a stage of science fiction.

The elements are fairytale princess (Leia), a good magician (Obi-Wan Kenobi), an evil magician (Darth Vader), Knights of the Realm (the Jedi), a young squire (Luke Skywalker), and a magic sword (lightsaber).

The lightsaber military sword was the preferred by the Jedi Knights. It differs from other military swords, because the sword had a blade of energy instead of metal. This sword unique military could cut through almost anything. It could also be turned off for convenience, leaving only the hilt. In the hands of an expert teacher, this military sword was a fearsome weapon.

The Edge of court

Military swords are popular both in the real world and in the pages of fantasy. Recent announcements of the military recruitment have a soldier in dress uniform, brandishing a sword very polished. The image is really impressive.

If your interest is entertainment or historical site below provides more information about modern military swords.

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