MagiCook Kitchen


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MagiCook Kitchen

Whirlpool Appliances, originally known for its state of the art of washing machines has ventured into the Indian market big of consumer devices. The company took our kitchens by storm when it introduced its series of brain smart refrigerators and won many awards over many hearts. Now they are competing for attention with a competitive range of the microwaves are not only at par with its competitors in technology, but also give a tough competition to design and features as well.

Whirlpool is selling the USP of its microwave ovens as they are doing specifically taking into account the kitchens of the India and what the chefs in them every day. It also promotes a wide choice in terms of capacity and microwave types offered and also claim to have account of its microwave ovens that can help you cook a variety of dishes from almost every day, without much trouble.

The categories that you can choose from the range of Whirlpool microwave ovens are convection, grill or alone. The microwave oven is a Magicook only entry-level model suitable for people with a low budget who are looking for a microwave can do basic daily tasks of cooking, defrosting and reheating, so that kind of food requires crisping or oven can be prepared in this model. Now, given that the daily Indian cuisine often consists of making foods like dal, rice, curry and vegetables regularly mainly the one that can cook, really becomes an ideal entry-level microwave Indian cuisine. Features like eleven levels of power and multiple Add cooking stages to the amenities offered.

The series of microwave ovens from Whirlpool Grill has a wide range of furnaces in the abilities and characteristics different price ranges. Features such as multiple power levels, multiple stages of cooking, the aluminum touch panel, the function Crisp, blockade child and start Jet defrost, 3D reflector system, memory function and so make them extremely easy to use and can become the maximum support in any kitchen. Of course, all these features come in different models according to their capacity and price.

The third category is that of convection, that is ideal for all your cookies and cakes and is for you if you're a fan of the desert. This is a series of large microwave Horn has interesting features that can help with any kind of cooking in your kitchen. Have functions and utilities such as Auto Cook, Cook Combi, Micro Tawa, tray Baking separation of further activities in the range of Grill and can help deliver on almost any type of food in minutes with ease. This range is also price on the higher side, as it gives you the most of everything.

However, the microwave Whirlpool characteristics not only have excellent technology and out of rhythm that can not be found in the furnaces of others, also have a range so diverse that there is a furnace microwave for everyone in the home spa!

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