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Probability Question: What is the probability that you will take exactly 3 black marbles?

I'm having trouble with my math homework: You are getting 5 chips from a bag of 7 red and black 4. What is the probability that 3 will be black?

11C5 = 462 ways to choose 5 out of total 11 4C3 = 4 ways to choose 3 black 4-7C2 = 21 ways of choosing 2 red 7 so there is 4C3 * 7C2 ways to get 3 black and red 2 p = 4C3 * 7C2 / 11C5 = 84 / 462 = 2 / 11 = 0.181818 ..... ..

Natural stone is irregularly within the earth. Natural stones can be classified into three categories, ie, sedimentary, igneous and metamorphic rocks. The rocks of first category are formed inside the earth by the decay of carbon substances. This category includes limestone, sandstone and slate. Igneous rocks formed from lava erected by the volcanic mountains. This rock is very hard. This category includes ultramafic, intermediate, and felsic malfic rocks. The metamorphic rocks are transformed structures of sedimentary and igneous rocks. Marble is the best example of this stone.

Stone presents companies natural rocks in different sizes like 15 x 15, 30x30, 30x40, 40x40, 40x60, 60x30, 60x60 cm. Natural rocks found wide range of applications in the field construction. Today, everywhere in malls, offices, multistory apartments, houses, community halls, etc, these stones are widely used.

Marble and granite are two popular categories of natural stone used in different parts of the building. The stone has colorful mosaic designs, you can decorate the bathroom, kitchen, bedrooms and guest rooms in a house with the likes of colors. Several spicy colors of the stones can be used so selective to bring a charming effect in the building. For example, green marble stones can be used in the kitchen, bedroom and guest room to carry plants look beautiful at home. Orange and pink colored marble rocks can be applied in bathrooms and toilets of the building. Black and white marble are the most appropriate colors for floors and ladders against buildings. People can also worship their homes or office buildings with a variety of collections such as lime pink limestone, lime peacock, aizoni pink etc. However, due to the greater durability and finished in fine color, marble tiles are used mostly in the building of multiplexes, community and conference rooms, office buildings etc.

Due to the stiffness, most natural stone, require no maintenance for the longest time. However, the appropriate measures be met to ensure the effectiveness and bright colors of the rocks for construction. People should not clean the floors of stone building with powder detergents or flammable substances, such as lubricating oils, as it could damage the tile. People should also not use objects that bite in the rock floor, as this also can damage the stone plates with scratches and cracks. You should always use liquid cleaning agents, which are available in the consumer market. Special care must be taken placement outside the marble stones in the floors, walls and shelves of the house or office building. First, it is necessary to identify locations where the pictures for mounting. Mark next to the place with the pencil or marker. Then you need to apply thin layers of adhesive or cement in the solution space and finally put the stones in this place. You must stop the newly installed stones about a day for solidification.

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