Mattel Toy Guns 1950


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Mattel Toy Guns 1950

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The airsoft classic term used to describe the elements that occurred airsoft before the advent of modern weapons electric (AEG). The term is debatable, the general consensus is that an airsoft gun to be a "classic" has that have been manufactured before 1995, but there are exceptions. For example, many new gas guns from companies like Digicon Tanaka and often are called classic although many of them came after 1995. Owning a classic theme of airsoft is considered a status symbol among the airsoft community.
The origins of Airsoft
Despite misconceptions that originated much later airsoft, actually first played in the 1970s, starting the concept of realistic looking firearms not lethal projectiles fired for sporting and simulation purposes. There were no weapons of this style airsoft before, as the "Mattel Shell Shootin ' "weapons of the 1950s. The U.S. military even tinker with the ideas of this kind after the Second World War. The air guns compressed metal BBs existed before shooting that could do great harm to a person and in rare cases, kill them. Mattel weapons were a novelty at best.
Airsoft fills a void. It originated in Japan, where owning real guns in general illegal. Early makers were long toy companies as Masudaya, Fujimi, and Matsushiro. These companies decided it would be a good (and profitable) idea to market air guns that could be safely fired at others in a Similar to paintball guns, which are also becoming popular at that time. These weapons were spring power, single-shot weapons and were often very crude in nature. Many use strange ammunition of property such as mm, 7 "long reach" some weapons used Masudaya ammunition, or ammunition soft rubber used in the brand firearms. Finally, he realized that a standard full size of BB would be cheaper and more efficient to produce. There was a variety of companies that make weapons during the 1970s and early 1980s.
Daisy enters the fray
Daisy The company had been known for more of a century as the premiere producer of air guns in the U.S.. Thus, in the '80s, it was decided airsoft market in North America. Until then, airsoft was virtually unknown outside Japan. Daisy hired Maruzen Company of Japan to manufacture a line of spring-powered guns to sell in the U.S.. Most of these weapons existed in Japan and were essentially re-packaged for sale in North America. These special BBs loaded weapons used in plain simulated bullet. The line includes:
Rifles / Submachine guns / guns
Interdynamics KG-9 (Model 12)
Mini-Uzi IMI (Model 13)
Ruger Mini-14 (Model 14)
Heckler and Koch MP5K (model 15) (although not specified in the exterior design)
WINGMASTER Shotgun Remington (Model 870)
M1918A2 (BAR)
Colt Python .44 (model 4)
Airsoft Luger 9mm (Model 8)
Beretta M-92 U.S. Army gun (Model 9)
Walther P-38 (Model 38)
Colt .45 Auto U.S. Army weapon (Model 45)
.357 Magnum revolver (model 57)
All models were manufactured by Maruzen, except the Model 15 H & K MP5K, which was made by Falcon Toy Corp.
These weapons were the most realistic in appearance as a model or airsoft gun had been until this point, and many of weapons and anti-violence organizations on these subjects he disliked in America.

Asahi M60 SDX, Masudaya Ray, 6mm Marushin Shell Ejecting of M1 Carbine, Falcon-077 marks, Tec Toy-M203, JAC Micro Uzi
Classic and system BV
Around 1985, several Japanese companies began developing airsoft firearms through its home page, or "Bullet valve" system. BV uses a direct flow of gas from a tank outside, usually CO2 or compressed air to power a mechanism which allowed the guns to shoot in fully automatic mode. The latest models also include semi-automatic mode. Some people said that "the booster tanks, empty air bottles to add to the effect of the air tower. These settings are usually called Flon gear.
Companies such as JAC and Asahi Firearms Maruzen led this revolution with updating many of its weapons of old spring with the system of BV as well. Asahi and JAC, which worked often in relation to each other, developed many versions of airsoft guns, as the British pound and the M60 machine gun. Other notables were the weapons of Asahi German MG-34 and very rare version of the Walther 2000. JAC made many new weapons like the Thompson, BAR, and M3 Grease Gun.
Other companies, such as Kokusai, MGC, Toy-Tec, and the FTC also many weapons with the BV system.
The end, near the classical
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