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How can I get my parents to play monopoly with me?

I am addicted to monopoly and tried to play it online, but not the same. How I get my parents to play?

Just convince one of them how much fun it is. I'm sure others will soon.

The browser segment is driven by competition in the past. But it's not just Internet Explorer that has a monopoly, but now has many others in the competition and the largest among them is Firefox.

Internet Explorer has been the dominant browser, but has always enjoyed and had disputes been in a bad reputation. But now the company aims to achieve its new version, IE8, which is supposedly the answer to all disputes and revolutionize Internet browsing.

The software company says that unlike pervious versions, users do not complain about adware, viruses and other nuisances online. The company has many new features and many existing old are being polished.

Here, we have tried to consolidate all IE8 features and provide a patch that may merit IE8 hepatitis decide for yourself:

Download Requirement

Before going its characteristics, allowing the pen down the minimum specifications that a user need in your PC to run IE8 without any problem. The user's PC must be running Windows Vista, XP or Windows Server 2003 Service Pack 2 for the operating system you are using, and with a minimum of 512 MB of RAM.


Beginning with the design, the new browser is not very different from its predecessors. But you do have some differences, such as placing "X" to stop the load in the site that really do not want to go surfing, toolbar Live Search, which serves as a search engine and the addition of icons that allows users to personalize your experience navigation. The icon will also feature sometimes referred to as second "level" of IE8.

In the aspect of design, the company appears to be hopeful by its competitor and has taken utmost care to add "tabs" of surfing. Users can open multiple tabs in one window and can change them easily. This makes it easier to navigate and very user friendly. He added that this is a menu of basic options in the far right corner, like navigation Home, RSS display, printing, page view and basic navigation tools.


Coming Soon Next on the list is the addition of InPrivate. This is the most controversial feature added to IE8 and consists of three parts, shipping, blocking and underwriting. The navigation and blocking ability to delete the cache and history once you log off the subscription mode and gives control to manage the number of sites accessible through your PC.

The other useful feature is Caret Browsing can help users navigate through a Website using keyword.

The very close and unique feature of IE8 is the addition of the accelerator function that lets you access other online services using a key word without even switch to next tab or window.

Also following is the "Web Slices" feature that keeps you updated on the latest updates on any site without even disturbing the navigation or switch to something new. You can track the updated content by using the bookmarks bar, a Once you are completely done with Web Slices.


In terms of the sum of many new features, without doubt, the company has done a commendable and innovative, but in terms of performance, IE8 still has some problems. It displays an error operable with XP SP3, Windows Live Mail, Visual Studio. NET version 7, watching movies from Netflix on demand using Skype or Google Toolbar. But all this is the result of beta testing. What end product will Similarly, we all have to wait to try on our hands.

In the final, can be summarized that Microsoft has done a good job in how the browsers can make web browsing a pleasant experience.

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