My Own Learning Leap


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My Own Learning Leap
What really has no religion taught us?

All our knowledge of medicine, science and the human body we have learned ourselves. We have learned of gravity, they have learned about space, we have learned about the geography of our world. I mean almost everything we know, that we have learned from studies on our own, without God in the process. What the Bible or the Koran or other religious text has taught us? Almost nothing, when you think about it. Since none of the gods to come and well reveal more, we have made every major leap in understanding the world on our own. I wonder why none of these gods no need to really give us any information at all. Except, of course, are out there, and you better believe in them or more. Does the fact that very few of them (supposedly) benefactors will share the eternal punishment scale counts as a good education?

If you have money that extra, give to the church. Vatican City costs much to maintain.

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Larry flies helicopter across river to island.

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