Nano Case Vehicles


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Nano Case Vehicles

In this article we will see the pros and cons of the two fuels used for the common man, petrol and diesel. Have you ever wondered why Some vehicles use no gasoline and diesel and vice versa. The fundamental difference lies in the engine / engines using the fuel, ie petrol engines and diesel engines. These are the types of internal combustion engine, where the main difference lies in the combustion process. Therefore, I would say it would be unfair fuel judge without understanding the mechanism behind the engines.

Petrol Diesel engine vs engine

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We all know that the working principle behind the internal combustion engine, so I will highlight in The basic difference between these two engines. In gasoline engines, the air / fuel mixture is ignited with the help of a candle. This in turn leads to combustion and piston displacement. While in the case of diesel engines, the ignition of the fuel / air mixture is facilitated by the high compression ratio piston and the generated heat causes combustion. The role of high-voltage spark plug is necessary to consume in a diesel engine. Otherwise, the work of both engines is very similar.

Faced with gasoline gasoline

Now that we know about the operation and the uniqueness of diesel and gasoline engines, we examine the effectiveness of the fuels used by contrasting their respective properties.

An important characteristic of gasoline is the octane number, which is a measure of how resistant the abnormal combustion phenomenon called pre-detonation. Octane rating is not relevant to diesel, and is not used in gasoline engines. Diesel quality is measured by the cetane number.

The density of diesel is 0.85 kg / l, approximately 18% more gasoline has a density approximately 0.72kg / l. Combustion of diesel typically releases about 38.6MJ / l, whereas gasoline releases 34.9 MJ / l, approximately 10% less for energy density. On the basis of the specific energy of diesel releases about 6.7% more than gasoline. Diesel is generally easier to refine the oil than gasoline.

In most parts of the world, diesel is priced lower than gasoline. Gasoline has other uses as a solvent compared with diesel. Diesel contains more sulfur than gasoline.

Steps have been taken to reduce the amount of sulfur in diesel yet; gases diesel combustion is the main source of atmospheric soot and fine particulates that are known to cause lung damage in humans. Diesel exhaust also contains nano-particles is considered a serious health risk. Gasoline is more volatile than diesel and therefore must be handled more carefully. Diesel spilled on the road will remain there until washed. This causes serious traffic hazards from diesel seriously reduces the tire grip and traction while gasoline evaporates quickly.

Which is better?

While reading through the merits and demerits, it can be seen that the two categories in which both fuels have scored. One is the performance and price and the other is the environmental concerns. Although diesel is more affordable and easier to refine and perform; gasoline appears to be less toxic in the long term and also has a number of other uses.

In this age of global warming and health risks, one can not ignore the fact that finding a cleaner fuel for our daily use. In addition to gasoline is more popular among the masses than diesel and based on his impeccable record, it would be safe to assume the gas to be a better fuel than diesel.

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Sunil Krishna has been associated with used automotive industry for 2 years and with a good knowledge on used engines, used transmissions and used auto parts.


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