Narnia Action Figures


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Narnia Action Figures

India is rapidly climbing the ladder of world tourism and has a prominent place among the elite of tourism hotspots. The landscape of India is particularly endowed with a resplendent geography complete with large expanse of beaches, mountains, waterfalls, whitewater rapids and an extensive network of rivers and lakes. These wonders geographically, with the eternal quest of adventure inherent in man, have made India a mandatory stop on any adventure seekerâ € ™ s itinerary.

Kerala, possibly Indiae € ™ s been more charming, was recently listed as one of the 50 must see destinations of a lifetime for National Geographic Traveler. Best known for its vast cultural contributions to the world, Kerala is emerging as a global power in adventure tourism. The landscape Kerala is dotted with numerous mountain peaks, rivers, ponds, lakes and other natural wonders and nowhere is this more evident than in the beautiful neighborhood Wayanad. The terrain of the impressive site poses a challenge for even the most intrepid of adventurers.

Trekking, a staple among the activities adventure sport, is really a challenge anywhere in the world and Kerala, takes on new meaning. A walk Chembra peak, Wayanad, is generally considered a risky proposition which can take up an entire day. The peak of 2100 meters above sea level is the highest in Wayanad and reaching it is a difficult task fraught with risk, but the rewards is a panoramic view of the breathtaking beauty of Wayanad. Tourists can stay for a day or two in the temporary facility maintained by the District Council promotion of tourism and even create a fire to ward off the biting cold of the night in true adventure style.

Climbing is another sport which is a standing in the adventure tourista € ™ s the list of tasks. Watering down version of mountaineering, rock climbing covers a wide range of recreational sports and activities adventure and involves the expansion of the steep rock masses using only Oneâ € ™ s hands and feet. Soochipara falls, one of four waterfalls Wayanad important, is an excellent destination for rock climbing, with the front of cliff provide the ideal ground to achieve this challenging activity.

For the adventurer who prefers to take the waters instead of staying on land, Wayanad has a whole range of water based adventure activities like rafting, canoeing and white water surf. These activities are centered around the picturesque river kabini, the swift currents which will ensure that emerging and canes hard battle for their share of the action, with fascinating view of the hardwood forests as a bonus shot.

Wayanad has not been affected by the threat of the mass tourism, and has successfully managed to retain its charm. The enterprising traveler can afford his streak of adventure here with à © LAN and stay safe of his surging runs of adrenaline in this modern Narnia.

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By Clement Samson Correya

Kerala Resorts – Heaven Made of Earth.

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